All the features listed below are included on the business package. We can also include a few extra features on starter and professional package at a minimal cost. We have done the research to find and provide the quality service and affordable prices.

Free .com/.net Domain

FREE domain for you when you order any website package(except DIY). If you have your own domain, you can transfer the domain on the next renewal to us. We will bare the cost from there on. If you need a new domain, you can ask our suggestion for your preferred domain.

Unlimited Web Space

UNLIMITED hosting space with us. With this, you don’t need to worry about the file size that you are going to upload. You can have any content and as many content that you wish for. We can host them in our quality servers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

UNLIMITED bandwidth is provided. No matter if you have small volume of traffic or high volume of traffic, we provide the best solution for you. You don’t need to worry about bandwidth anymore.

Unlimited E-mail Accounts

You can create and have as many email accounts as you want. Example yourname@yourdomain.com We will help you to create them and teach you how to use the webmail. We will integrate the email account into your smartphone for your easy use.

100+ Templates to Choose From

We have more then 100 templates that you can choose for your preferred website. Don’t get confuse with many choices, we will always choose the best one that will meet your interest and best fit your business.

Contact Form

We will set up contact us forms for you. If you need any extra forms to be set, we can customize them to meet your interest.

SEO Ready Templates

With us, you won’t be lost in the wide internet. Our templates are Search Engine Friendly. We will set the correct keywords for you so that your site will be found by Google and other search engines.

Google Analytics

We will set up Google Analytics app in your website. This is a powerful traffic monitoring tool that must be install on your website to monitor the site traffic and your visitors behaviors. From there, we can improve your site even further.

Google Webmaster Tool

Free integration of Google Webmaster with Google Analytics. We will send google your website and your sitemap to google to verify your website. We will also validate your website with google and set this account running with no extra cost.

Live Chat Support

Live Chat is one of the best way to turn visitors into customers. We know its quite costly to own one, but we have a deal that you could not resist. At a affordable price, you can now have live chat function on your website.

Social Network Integration

Social Network is the fastest growing network for now. We will help you to create new accounts if you don’t have one and set things up for you with no extra cost. We can also do the settings on your smartphone so that you can manage your fan page easily.


Banner & Slider is one of the most attractive way to capture the interest of your cyber visitors. We provide free designs for you in high quality design using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. We also use Revolutionary sliders to make your page more lively.

Free Integration in Smartphones

Put your smartphone into optimum use. We help you to integrate Facebook fan page, email accounts, google analytics and live chat accounts for FREE. This will give you the mobility and flexibility that you need to monitor your business on the go.


We don’t encourage the use of FLASH. We have moved to a friendly coding which is HTML5 and CSS3. There fore, all the content in your site will be view able and usable from all type of devices.

Free Content Backup

Don’t need to worry about hackers and bugs. We will automatically back up your sites from time to time. When there is a coding problem or bugs in your site, we will clean them up and get your site running in no time.

Server Uptime 99.9%

We host our files at high quality servers at overseas that to do practice overselling. Therefore, satisfaction is guaranteed with 99.9% server up time.

Easy Content Management System(CMS)

You don’t need to know HTML or PHP coding to maintain your website. We provide a easy CMS system for you to use. Managing your content and product will be easy.

Free Training

We provide free training on how to use your website features and to post simple contents. But of course we are there to provide the maintenance for you, this is just additional if your curios to learn.

Free 24/7 Support

Support is the utmost import thing in all service. We provide 24/7 email support and also support through whatsapp for faster communication. We will always try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Free Reading Materials

You can gain additional knowledge about e-business and web related contents for free at our blog. You are free to share any of our content on your site as long as you code the source site and link.

Full e-commerce

Our e-commerce package comes with pretty good stuffs. You can view stocks, generate report, send automated emails, put items on sale and many more. We do free payment gateway set up for you.

Custom HTML Email Signature

We create custom HTML E-mail Signature for your email accounts. We offer this professional service for free of charge. *1 signature per order.View Sample

Content Writing Service

We have quality writers to provide content for your website. Content include About Us page, FAQ, Terms & Condition, Privacy Policy and any other articles of any topics. This is an additional paid service. This service is not included in the website package.

More Features Coming Soon

We are actively engaged and doing research to come up with good stuffs to help you grow your business and to improve the support from our side. STAY TUNED, Like our Facebook and follow us.

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